Installing Subversion (svn) onto Windows Server

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Ignorance is Bliss

This has got me angrified!  There are no simple steps on how to install an SVN server onto a windows server.  All the steps assume that you already have Apache installed.  I understand that you can run SVN as a stand-alone installation but I want to run it in conjunction with Apache and take advantage of single sign-in provided by integration with active directory.

I suddenly find myself eating my own words.  After writing my tirade, I went back and found a couple complete svn packages. The one that I opted for is called Visual SVN (  They have both a free and a pay version.  Being cheap, and generally against the principle of paying for open-source software, I opted for the free version.

My installation experience went something like this…

  1. download the msi package
  2. double-click and follow the steps to create repository and users
  3. run tortoise svn to access the newly created repository

It couldn’t have been simpler or more elegant even if Apple had created the product!  It may make the UNIX crowd angry as they seem to have created a product that does away with the arcanity of command line arguments, but these guys did an excellent job of bringing svn into the windows age.

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Blackberry simulator and Internet access

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“communication is 9 parts listening and 1 part speaking”

I ran across another gotcha today when I was trying to get my application to make a web service call.  I could not communicate with the internet.  Either I’m getting better at this or I got lucky, but figuring out the solution only took about an hour this time.  The help files that I ran across were actually helpful this time.


The easiest way to test if your blackberry simulator has internet access is to use the ‘Browser’ from inside the simulator.  If you can open a web page then your applications will have network access.


The key to this whole thing is MDS (Mobile Data System?) and activating it automatically when you start the blackberry simulator.  Once I followed these steps (as taken from Eclipse Help system) everything worked just fine!


Start the BlackBerry MDS Simulator when you start the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator
  1. On the Run menu, click Debug Configurations or Run Configurations.
  2. Perform one of the following tasks:
    • To work with an existing start configuration, under BlackBerry Simulator, select a start configuration.
    • To work with a new start configuration, right-click BlackBerry Simulator, select New.
  3. Click the Simulator tab.
  4. Click the General tab.
  5. Select the Launch Mobile Data System Connection Service (MDS-CS) with simulator option.
  6. Click OK.


The keywords that I used to find this …

  • Test a BlackBerry Application that uses an HTTP connection.
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