Step by Step – update blackberry jde component for eclipse

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“Knowing is half the battle”

In a previous post I described how to install and configure the Blackberry development environment.  I was quite excited when I got it working and could work on the first hello world application.  However, it soon became evident that if I wanted to take advantage of any cool touch features or target the widely distributed pearl handsets I had to update my JDE components.

Again, I spent several days trying to figure out how to update the Eclipse plug-in.  It was fairly straight-forward in downloading and updating the components for the Blackberry JDE but what was not so self-evident was updating the Eclipse plugin.

Updating Blackberry JDE Plugin for Eclipse

There is an automated method for updating the plugin that takes advantage of eclipse’s self-updater.  However, I was unable to get this working and by perusing other posts and boards it became evident that others had similar problems.

I’m hoping that these steps will work (however, RIM has a nasty habit of moving pages around so I’m hoping these links stay constant for a reasonable period of time).

  1. Download and save the zip file for the Appropriate JDE component from  Note: you will want to scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  2. Remember where you save the Zip file.  You won’t have to un-zip as Eclipse likes reading directly from the zip archive.
  3. Start up eclipse
  4. Select Help->Software Updates
  5. Click ‘Add Site’
  6. Click ‘archive’, browse and select the newly downloaded zip file.
  7. Wait for eclipse to import.

Updating Blackberry workspace to use different JDE Component

Once you have downloaded and installed the appropriate JDE, you will need to change the target of your blackberry workspace.

  1. Start up eclipse and load your workspace (should be default unless you are working on multiple projects).
  2. Choose Blackberry->Configure Blackberry Workspace
  3. Select, on the LHS, Blackberry JDE –> Installed Components
  4. Choose the target component and hit ‘OK’
  5. Wait till eclipse finishes thinking and you are good to go.

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